Problems and Benefits of today’s technology

From my point of view, in today’s civilization our way of life has changed greatly because of the great influence of new technologies. The technology has improved many things making them more secure, fast and efficient, and to perform a lot of activities. It is very clear that without the technology it would be impossible to communicate, fly around the world and stay informed. As it develops the technology, important advances such is achieved, today we already have X-rays, computers, microwaves, satellite dishes, contact lenses, artificial hearts a variety of measures to name a few. This makes our life better and thanks to technology we can meet our needs.


Technology is always evolving and as it does the needs are covered in much: but as everything has its disadvantages.

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Currently, the bulk of society we depend on technology, very few things that there is no television, radio, etc: and this technology is involved, all at least once have experienced using the technology, and most already know how to handle; a TV, phone, computer or car.

I think others can become an addiction, the most common is the Internet with the computer and the phone, it comes with social networks like Facebook, Instagram,Twitter and gmail, etc.

The most notable benefit comes with the Internet providing entertainment, communication, knowledge of educational and technological branches. With cell phone and Communication. TV, Radio, DVD for entertainment and distraction.

Internet today is already something very ordinary. Most people can easily access it. The advantages and disadvantages of the Internet are:

Advantages of Internet

● It is the largest source of content worldwide. The Internet is a wealth of information, all we can ask just write it in Google and you get more than one answer. This is the biggest advantage.

● It offers social networks such as Facebook, Twitter or MySpace, that will enable to be connected.

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Problems and Benefits of today’s technology

● We can be in touch with people who want all the time via Facebook, mail usage and so on.

● Internet provides us with opportunities to play games online. This must be done moderately because otherwise you can create an addiction.

● We can participate in creating to different websites and write our thoughts and opinion.

● Internet provides us the opportunity to make money Online. Many people wonder if this is possible.

● Internet gives us the opportunity to be informed all the time because it provides breaking news.

● Internet allows us to watch online videos. This previously was unthinkable and that there was no globalization of information.

● A great advantage of the Internet is that if we do not understand a text that is in another language simply place it in a translator and makes our task.

Disadvantages of Internet

● There are many people who fake profiles are created in the cloud in various social networks. Therefore, one must know how to identify them . It is a complicated issue, but it is not impossible to detect. This is a clear disadvantage Internet. Also, you should know why people are created fake profiles. Not to mention Facebook and Twitter for example because the first social network there are more risks that may arise.

● Lots of people placed false information on the Internet to confuse readers. Be careful with this tip because you have to know whether the source is reliable. This is another big disadvantage of the Internet.

● There is a possibility that we become dependent on the Internet, that is, that we are forced to go very often to see updates of something special, for example, we know if someone tweeted something in Twitter.

● People start to think more superficially when they read something on the Internet that are not specified in what they are reading. Just read basic or main ideas and do not focus on studying more you read because this is already satisfied.


● Internet can be very insecure because we can steal data in the cloud, for example when we use Facebook without privacy, or when someone infiltrates your computer. This is perhaps the biggest drawback.

● On the Internet there is much use of spam, and this can cause problems in a person using the web, because for example that user can click on any pop-up window and can infect the computer with malware.

● Internet must be careful with the Web pages in which we because there may be malware that targets our computers. This is another disadvantage.