How to Design and Launch the BEST LANDING PAGE

Doing business online is not easy. It seems that all e-commerce platforms are a success overnight but this is not the case. Especially when you want your traffic to get converted into loyal customers. So if you are new to the online world or have tried your hands but not getting enough response, we are here to guide you about your Landing Page. Read on.

To have a perfect landing page for your website, we bring to you 6 step simple process which would help you in getting quality leads and converting them into customer just in 10 minutes. Yes, you hear it right in only 10 MINUTES. So let us understand each step of this process.

1) Tools
It is not easy to materialize a landing page thinking it to be a cake walk, Although you would want to it to be easy. You can build one with the help of 3 such tools:-
SumoMe:- A perfect tool for your landing page, SumoMe is a set of free tools which would work for your website. To make things easy and better try their Welcome Mat feature as your template for the landing page which is free.
Dropbox:- The tool is not mandatory but keeping your visitors in mind who choose your landing page over others, it will be good to offer PDF checklists, Ebooks etc to them which can be downloaded via Dropbox.
Email Service Provider:- To engage more traffic and keep a track record of all, you would require email ids and managing them would not be easy. There are several Email service providers like ConvertKit which manages your email ids and make your work easier.

2) The Offer
The next step is the Offer which the subscriber to your page will get. So make sure you provide such an offer which would be loved by the visitors or else you won’t be having a chance to succeed. Also if you have done everything right but offer such thing which is irrelevant to customers or your audience would not want them, then it is of no use. They would not end up signing with you. So ask a question to practically understand the situation:

What is the issue or problem that your target audience might be facing?
If you crack the answer to this problem and create an offer upon it then you are sorted. Make sure the offer pertains to the need of the customer and is relevant. If it is done right, they would not mind in signing up and providing you the email ids.

landing page

3) The Headline
While reading any website content or article, you first go through its Headline, If the headline is catchy enough you would read on to content or else not. So headlines are very much important to convey your audiences. The headlines should grab audience attention but should be equally relevant. Headlines not related to your reader would not be a great deal for your landing page. Audiences are very specific and they look for numbers. Yes, they are interested in what are they offered? What would be the benefit? And what would be the outcome of it?

4) The Sub Headline
Headlines are short and crisp but it is sub headlines which play a key role in making the reader read the content below. It should be appealing and irresistible. Here are some of the tips to draft your perfect sub-headlines:-
· Have a Clear call to action in your sub-headline.
· Let them know what would they be getting from it and when.
· Showcase the benefits of it.
· Elaborate the details you missed to explain in the headline.
Letting reader know what exactly you are providing is most important. Do not feel obliged or hesitate to include what you are offering. Letting the reader know what they would be getting and benefiting out of the landing page would do the work.

5) Design, Color Scheme, and Layout
Deciding a Theme for your landing page is pivotal. Put on your creative hats and shine out the creativity from within. Using tools like SumoMe’s Welcome Mat will let you have dozens of templates, colors, and layout which will match your viewer’s needs. Include images, play with your strengths and build a design which attracts visitors. Ensure you highlight your Pop up button so that whenever someone is looking at the landing page, they can easily click on that button and visit the page.

6) The Call to Action
Colors do play a big role and the button which we talked about in the 5th stage is important to bring customers to your page. It is said that over 60% of the decisions made by the customers are based on the color itself. So do make that button Popup. Now, what should be written (text) on that button which customers would be forced to click? Imagine if you have a beauty blog, what would you click on to as a customer, “Subscribe” or “Get beauty Secrets Today”. The choice is obvious.
Here we present you some tips of writing the Text of that button.
· Words like “Free” and “Instant” are meant to be clicked by the customers as Human psychology is more inclined to such offers.
· Have the context keeping in mind the visitor. Having text as “Get MY Report” instead of “Get YOUR Report” works as a viewer would like to have his/her report and not somebody’s else’.
· Personalise your brand and throw away some words or phrases matching your brand or relates to your audience. It will surely work.

Bottom line
Follow these 6 simple and easy steps and you would end up having a perfect landing page for your website. You can see the results with a page having a conversion from visitors to subscribers and subscribers to loyal customers. Even after following all these steps and designing the best landing page, you fail to try A/B test. It is best to know from the audience via A/B test and helps in continuous optimisation.

If you do not have the time to DIY, approach Website Design company like Novatise to get the job done in the most effective manner for you.