Co Working vs Traditional Office Space Rental

The co-working industry has more than quadrupled in the last five years and just last year over 1 billion dollars was invested in the co-working industry with over 10,000 co-working spaces spread across the globe and growing every day co-working is now a true global trend juicy the largest co-working conference series in the world has grown over 1,000 percent in the past year

The co-working movement has experienced explosive growth would be an understatement with so many new co-working spaces of course there are going to be some great ones and not-so-great ones – what makes a great co-working space for you is one that can help you chase your passion you should get to be yourself at work just as your co-working space should be authentic to its unique culture – it should be agile enough to support all the ways you need to work and interact as much or as little with your fellow co-workers as you’d like it should have a place for you to share ideas or go heads down just as it should have a place for you to sit stand lounge or even walk as you work bring who you are to the space and the community will rise up to meet you co-working is redefining the future of work want to know why co-working is so much more than just a place to work it’s a better way to live your life in a recent survey by juicy and emergent research

We found out that people working out of co-working spaces report 84 percent are more engaged and motivated 80 percent turn to other members for help or guidance 82% expanded their professional networks 83 percent felt less lonely but most importantly 89 percent are happier co-working makes you happy why because you get your work done faster you get to be around amazing people and now you can spend your time doing the really important things like playing with your dog picking up the kids or kissing the one you love now go find a co-working space in your town and experience.

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