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shopping app aliexpress

It has always been a cut-throat completion in the online shopping market and rightfully so in the corresponding shopping app segment. You have your regular players, the heavyweights like Amazon and eBay and recently, we have the budding stars.

One of them is the AliExpress shopping App.

About the App
The recent efficiency, activity, and reviews for the app show that it is here to stay in the dog eat dog Apple app store and Android Play store. It is available for the Android and iOS users whereas Windows users might get the app in a matter of days. Without further ado, we shall get into the nitty-gritty’s of the app now. The AliExpress shopping app managed to surprise us with its elegance and utter simplicity from the time we laid our fingers on it. Perhaps the biggest trump card of this app is the clutter-free dashboard and look which quite frankly rivals the shopping sites browsed on our PC. It emulates this simplicity of PC that users look for in a mobile app quite seamlessly without any loss of functionality. It boasts of a message center through which users may communicate back and forth with the sellers and resolve any doubts.

Constantly great offers were presented via downloading the app.

Click this link to access to these offers on Aliexpress mobile app.

offers on aliexpress app

As is tradition, it allows you to search through categories, filter orders and place items in a favorite list and view daily offers alongside checking the state of your orders. Furthermore, it up’s the coolness quotient by allowing users to share products with their friends on various social networking sites.
The app provides the 128-bit encryption system, hence making online payments absolutely safe and sound. It also allows bank transfers and Qiwi wallet payment. The most used, though is the card payment system protected by Buyer Protection system. This system, perhaps the first on the market and the much needed, is an elixir of hope among a sea of online shopping options. The Buyer protection system enables the money to go to AliExpress and will only be paid to the seller once the user approves of the product’s authenticity and condition. Any problems mentioned on the part of the users shall deem the money to be returned to the users. It’s quite the neat trick to gain trust.

offers on aliexpress app

One little addition to the already great app was the posting of customer reviews and opinions and ability to check the seller’s opinion and a number of sales. This feature surely boosts the reputation of the app many times over and if they play their cards right, AliExpress Shopping might someday conquer the throne. As of now, the app available for both Android and Apple has been downloaded millions of times and is safe for users.

People needn’t worry about any fake apps of any kind. But they are requested to only follow the traditional route of download, which is via their app store rather than getting a bootleg version of the apk. file on Google which might not work as intended and damage the phone’s internal files. This reviewer hopes for that and recommends the app highly to everyone hoping to stop and shop.

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Shopping in Shanghai

shanghai shopping

The Chinese are no slouches in regards to capitalism. China is well-known for its fake markets. It has got everything under the sun, at least when it comes to shopping.

If you prefer to purchase souvenirs, you need to go to the Yuyuan Garden Bazaar. Finding unique souvenirs in Chinese cities is a significant challenge unless you’re able to afford to acquire real antiques, but in Tianzifang there is no less than an opportunity. It’s a classical souvenir you purchase in China.

A lot of the far better stores are on Yuyuan Laolu, a little lane within the complex. It’s the biggest store that receives the most significant number of consumers and registers the largest business volume in the nation. It has been ranked among the initial three best department stores with regard to sales in the nation for a number of years in a row. Be aware that availability varies in these shops it’s great notion to stock as soon as you find what you like. It has grown into one of the modern department shops in Shanghai.

Besides the larger observations, there are particular tiny things I have discovered about shopping in China. These malls aren’t fancy, but you’ll find some very good deals. There are in fact a fairly decent food selection in the majority of the large malls. Global habor is one of the most well-known malls in Shanghai.

Shopping Reviews of Chinese Products

With so many choices, and prices varying from high to low, it is difficult to understand which Farmers Market is far better visit. The market is a famous spot for Chinese parents appearing to marry off their children. After just a couple of minutes at the current market, you’ll realize why tackling this on your own would end up being impossible. The vegetable markets are lots less expensive than the supermarket.

In addition, There are some upscale cafes here. There are tons of cafes here, too, so that you can break from searching for afternoon tea. There are a number of many more restaurants everywhere! The food is occasionally very greasy. Don’t be scared to sample the weird and great foods here note the awesome number of mushrooms! Street food, obviously, deserves its own article.

Hongqiao Road is well-known for antiques. Huiji Road will be utterly the superior spot for folks to know history of Shanghai. This street is extremely near The Bund too, that’s the Shanghai waterfront. With over a million visitors daily, it’s thought of as among the busiest streets on earth.

If you prefer to make out life of men and women in Shanghai hundred years back, Huiji road is the very best destination. A lot of the time that it’s the latter. You don’t need to devote much time in Shanghai before you begin to receive all existential in regards to the significance of authenticity. Parking places are often lacked because there are many people throng there. Nevertheless it’s a wonderful place to purchase cheap little accessories that are lots of fun. Buy readymade jewellery or make your own customized designs, which can be strung immediately.

Problems and Benefits of today’s technology

Problems and Benefits of today’s technology

From my point of view, in today’s civilization our way of life has changed greatly because of the great influence of new technologies. The technology has improved many things making them more secure, fast and efficient, and to perform a lot of activities. It is very clear that without the technology it would be impossible to communicate, fly around the world and stay informed. As it develops the technology, important advances such is achieved, today we already have X-rays, computers, microwaves, satellite dishes, contact lenses, artificial hearts a variety of measures to name a few. This makes our life better and thanks to technology we can meet our needs.


Technology is always evolving and as it does the needs are covered in much: but as everything has its disadvantages.

More in-depth coverage of science, health and technology which aim to give analysis and features of a big ideas shaping the world.

Currently, the bulk of society we depend on technology, very few things that there is no television, radio, etc: and this technology is involved, all at least once have experienced using the technology, and most already know how to handle; a TV, phone, computer or car.

I think others can become an addiction, the most common is the Internet with the computer and the phone, it comes with social networks like Facebook, Instagram,Twitter and gmail, etc.

The most notable benefit comes with the Internet providing entertainment, communication, knowledge of educational and technological branches. With cell phone and Communication. TV, Radio, DVD for entertainment and distraction.

Internet today is already something very ordinary. Most people can easily access it. The advantages and disadvantages of the Internet are:

Advantages of Internet

● It is the largest source of content worldwide. The Internet is a wealth of information, all we can ask just write it in Google and you get more than one answer. This is the biggest advantage.

● It offers social networks such as Facebook, Twitter or MySpace, that will enable to be connected.

Five ways to improve social traffic

Problems and Benefits of today’s technology

● We can be in touch with people who want all the time via Facebook, mail usage and so on.

● Internet provides us with opportunities to play games online. This must be done moderately because otherwise you can create an addiction.

● We can participate in creating to different websites and write our thoughts and opinion.

● Internet provides us the opportunity to make money Online. Many people wonder if this is possible.

● Internet gives us the opportunity to be informed all the time because it provides breaking news.

● Internet allows us to watch online videos. This previously was unthinkable and that there was no globalization of information.

● A great advantage of the Internet is that if we do not understand a text that is in another language simply place it in a translator and makes our task.

Disadvantages of Internet

● There are many people who fake profiles are created in the cloud in various social networks. Therefore, one must know how to identify them . It is a complicated issue, but it is not impossible to detect. This is a clear disadvantage Internet. Also, you should know why people are created fake profiles. Not to mention Facebook and Twitter for example because the first social network there are more risks that may arise.

● Lots of people placed false information on the Internet to confuse readers. Be careful with this tip because you have to know whether the source is reliable. This is another big disadvantage of the Internet.

● There is a possibility that we become dependent on the Internet, that is, that we are forced to go very often to see updates of something special, for example, we know if someone tweeted something in Twitter.

● People start to think more superficially when they read something on the Internet that are not specified in what they are reading. Just read basic or main ideas and do not focus on studying more you read because this is already satisfied.


● Internet can be very insecure because we can steal data in the cloud, for example when we use Facebook without privacy, or when someone infiltrates your computer. This is perhaps the biggest drawback.

● On the Internet there is much use of spam, and this can cause problems in a person using the web, because for example that user can click on any pop-up window and can infect the computer with malware.

● Internet must be careful with the Web pages in which we because there may be malware that targets our computers. This is another disadvantage.

Keeping up with Google Ranking this 2018

creating google value add services like SEO

A definitive objective of all SEO endeavors is to create online leads and profit. It is critical to see how Google creeps a site, and chooses to rank its substance.

What’s Your SEO methodology to Keep Up in Google Search Amidst Google Ranking Changes? Our guide is intended to make a reasonable way of activity that foresees SEO Google positioning changes. We display them in a well ordered way, endeavoring to show them all together by need and in a sensible grouping. You can utilize this article as a guide to accomplish a site that is web index streamlined and very much arranged for expected changes in Google Search.

Google endeavors to impersonate good judgment with its calculations. On the off chance that you utilize sound judgment to assemble your connections and take after the tips above, you ensure that the connections to your site will check in every future refresh of Google’s calculation. By looking at the outcomes in your SEO Progress Reports, one sensible way to deal with enhancing your SEO for positioning better, you have to comprehend your client conduct on your site, the nature of your substance, and significantly more.

Stress Less over Google Ranking Updates and Focus on the User Experience

What is obviously changing is the level of messages about executing mapping organized information with the goal that inquiry bots can coordinate site pages better to compensate seek expectation. Google is distributing less posts about calculation refreshes nowadays, and requesting that SEOs enhance their substance more for clients and clients’ cell phone inclination.

Key contributing specialist Marie Haynes and Preston at the current year’s SMX meeting talked about significant page positioning swings and directed appropriate back toward website proprietors and website specialists. Frequently we are tweaking our locales all over to make more grounded visual interest for site guests, which are essential, however may diminish activity, and additionally investigation alterations, module issues, erroneous blueprint execution causing a manual punishment, and that’s only the tip of the iceberg. Likely, positioning variances are less about Google changing their calculation, site quality, and more probable that another person gives a superior arrangement or even that we broke the site.

Chilly Blogger Outreach

There’s such huge numbers of web journals on the web it’s mind desensitizing. Every one of them speak to an opportunity on the off chance that you approach them the correct way.

I complete a huge amount of cool blogger outreach, for different reasons:

a. Seeding

I’ll distinguish a gathering of journalists that reliably expound on an indistinguishable themes from me. When I have an incredible post, I’ll take off an email to them telling them about it. The fact is to get that substance in their brain for scope later on.

This works especially well on the off chance that you distribute a post that contains valuable information, bits of knowledge or contextual analyses they can reference to help claims.

b. Advancement

I think about movement more than joins. I’ll frequently do cool effort to individuals I’ve recognized as influencers and offer to complete a limited time trade (I’ll Tweet this on the off chance that you Tweet this).

Or then again, I’ll deliberately connection to individuals and request that they elevate it to help open their connect to a bigger gathering of people.

c. Connection outreach

At last, I’ll send chilly messages glaringly requesting a connection. I don’t do this as much any longer since it has a low achievement rate (and tends to annoy individuals).

Wrapping it up

I’ve been needing to compose this FOREVER and despite the fact that it was a noteworthy undeniable irritation, I at last completed it. Be that as it may, this is a living rundown. On the off chance that you have any strategies you’d like me to include, abandon it in the remarks and I’ll property the strategy with a connection back to your site.

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Local SEO Keyword Research

local seo keyword research

Picking Geo Modifiers

On the off chance that you have any involvement with local SEO you most likely definitely know this, however If you are simply beginning, here is something you should know. A decent approach to do neighborhood SEO specialty investigate is by composing in your catchphrase + the geo modifier you are hoping to focus into Google.

For instance, “Singapore Directory where to find“. While doing this, I for one like utilizing Keywords Everywhere as a free chrome augmentation, which enables me to see information on seek volume, CPC, and AdWords rivalry, as I see the query items. You can likewise utilize the Google Keyword Planner with a neighborhood seek channel to discover data on catchphrases in your general vicinity. On the off chance that you might want to take in more about how to do this you can utilize this guide by Moz.

Critical: I can’t pressure how imperative this progression is. Make an effort not to pick a zone that is super difficult to rank for, particularly on the off chance that you are new to SEO. When I initially began, I lived and kicked the bucket via look volume and CPC, yet this was an awful thought… Your concentration ought to be catchphrase trouble which is alluded to as SEO trouble in our watchword instrument.

It isn’t that it’s difficult to rank for high rivalry terms, and they might be beneficial after achieving the main page, yet I invested an absurd measure of energy and cash positioning these terms when I could have been catching low rivalry, high ticket nearby terms and leasing the sites out to neighborhood organizations. You don’t need to be the best SEO on the planet to profit, you simply need to know where to distribute your opportunity and assets.

Web optimization Competitor Analysis

I get a kick out of the chance to begin by putting a portion of the best positioned contenders into SEMrush or ahrefs and seeing which catchphrases they rank for, how much activity every watchword brings them, and what the trouble of every catchphrase is. At that point, I continue to use the great ones. From that point onward, you should do your own manual checking, and this includes writing your primary catchphrase into Google and seeing what appears.

The principle factors you need to take a gander at while gaging your opposition are backlinks, on-page variables, and I additionally prescribe taking a gander at who is in the guide pack.

Guide pack rivalry: If there are 3 organizations with 10+ 5 star surveys, at that point you can wager that they are likely accepting the lion’s share of snaps when individuals look through that catchphrase. Consider who you would call on the off chance that you completed an inquiry and the outcomes like that showed up. So regardless of whether you figure out how to get into the main 4 natural outcomes, you may even now battle with CTR (active visitor clicking percentage).

You can likewise utilize a free device from SERPs to practically change your area and get the most precise view conceivable. The cool thing about this apparatus is that it will likewise demonstrate to you the AdWords advertisements that are showing up, so you can improve thought of the majority of the general showcasing rivalry for that watchword.

Essential on-page SEO elements to search for while gaging your opposition for the site rental plan of action:

What number of words does your opposition have on the page that is positioning?

Does the substance look high caliber, or is it only a rundown of catchphrases?

What is that page’s PA (page specialist)? You can utilize MozBar to decide this.

What is the normal space expert and Majestic Trust Flow of the contending nearby business sites? (not thinking about neighborhood postings and YouTube)

Do they have the watchwords in the heading labels, content, picture alt labels, and title tag?

How is the convenience of the site? Is it quick, versatile benevolent, and simple to explore? (for the most part for CRO (change rate enhancement))

It is safe to say that they are interlinking appropriately?

Essential off-page SEO components to search for while gaging your opposition:

Check what number of connections they have coming into their site utilizing SEMRush, Moz Open Site Explorer, Ahrefs, as well as Majestic.

In reality tap on these connections and check whether they are originating from definitive sites. In the event that the connections are all from catalog sites, that is beneficial for you in light of the fact that those by and large don’t hold much power, and can be coordinated or outperformed effectively.

Investigate their grapple content profile and decide if there is a correct match stay content for the watchwords you are endeavoring to rank for. On the off chance that there is, and alternate elements appear to be somewhat feeble, you may have the capacity to presume this is one of the significant purposes behind that site’s rankings, and match it with your connections. On the off chance that the connections are altogether marked or there are not very many of them, you can expect that that space by and large has a considerable measure of trust with Google, and that is harder to reproduce in a moderately brief time traverse. On the other side, no watchword stay content could likewise imply that you can misuse the open door and take the best spot, while additionally utilizing a differing join profile obviously.

Do they have web-based social networking? Assuming this is the case, investigate and perceive how routinely they post, what number of preferences or supporters they have, and above all, how much engagement they get for each post. You are fundamentally completing a social signs review here.

Check their references and NAP consistency with Moz Local.

Goodness… That appears like a terrible parcel of work… If just there was a computerized device for discovering low rivalry catchphrases.

Truly there is! We constructed a catchphrase look into device particularly for nearby SEO associate advertising, and it can be found here. It will furnish you with terms with high hunt volume that are still moderately simple to rank. Best of all, it is totally free!

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These are the 10 Ways to build STRONG BACKLINKS for your website

building backlinks

Many companies know how to explore SEO to their advantage. Because of SEO websites have been able to rank better in the search engines’ results pages and thus position a website at a greater advantage and above competitors. When it comes to tactics employed in SEO, backlinks have been the greatest culprits. Many websites are out to maximize on the numerous advantages of backlinking and day in and day out they go out of their way to seek external pages to link to a page on their websites and thus aid in its rank on search engines.

In an attempt to do the same, this article will help you and show you smart ways on how to build strong backlinks for your website that will give you maximum results.


1.    Use the broken-link building method

This method will require that you contact a webmaster to report broken links present on their website. You can then suggest your website as a replacement for the broken link. This method will give you a one-way backlink in an effortless way considering that you are doing the webmaster a favor by caring enough to inform them that they have a broken-link. The only thank you statement to make is linking to your website.

Here is this article, Jon from talks about Reverse Link Building.

2.    Never underestimate the power of social media

At this point, treat social media as your weapon of success. As a business owner running a website, you must have a very active social media presence. You can invest your time and efforts on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and others. Choose the one that best serves your business and use it. You can also go with more than one as long as you will be able to use them all effectively.

3.    Domain relevancy

While looking for websites to link with, you have to ensure that the website has relevancy. For you to benefit from backlinks, domain relevancy is key and especially because it plays a very important role in google ranking. A website that you are linked to should have a relevant domain to your website. If it is not relevant to you, leave it.

4.    Domain authority

Domain authority (DA) will also play a big importance in google ranking of a website. Therefore, seek after sites that have high levels of domain authority so that they can be highly beneficial to you. If a website you are linked to is trustworthy, chances of your site being equally seen as credible are great. The trustworthy nature of a website that provided you with a backlink will rub off on your website.

Here is the Link where you can search for MOZ metrics for DA for free.

5.    Try guest blogging

Guest blogging is one of my favorite methods. This is because guest blogging gives you a whole different platform and audiences other than just giving or providing you with backlinks.  Being able t reach a new audience will give you an advantage because people will start to willingly search for your website and see what your website is all about. This method will typically kill two birds with one stone and give you better results.

Here is the ultimate guide by Kissmetrics about Guest Blogging.

6.    Always get listed in business directories that are in your niche

Business listings and citations have long been taken seriously by Google. Because of this, it can play out to your advantage because you can use the listings you have for SEO campaigns. Listings will give you advantages like DoFollow, relevant link, and others. You will also be able to build trust among the people, and once they trust you, you can be able to grow your website to become bigger. Just make sure that you choose only the relevant directories.

7.    Seek niche relevant forum backlinks

There are so many forums online that can help you build extremely strong backlinks. Even so, you must be able to choose and separate those that are relevant to you and those that are not. When you have found the forums relevant to your website, ensure that you are an active participator so that you can build your brand. When you represent your business with excellence, other participators will give referrals to your website, and this will require no efforts from you but to sit back and enjoy the benefits.

8.    Promote your content

Another amazing way to build strong backlinks is by promoting the content of your website. Yes, you may have excellent content, but unless other great and amazing websites get to know about it, it may not work effectively. You can decide to make contact with other sites and bloggers so that they can know what your website is all about. When they see how great and amazing you are, then you will get backlinks to your website, this is an excellent method because it gives you a chance to get backlinks from relevant, great and vital websites of your choosing.

Well, just remember CONTENT IS KING. If you do not believe, read on

9.    Use the merger technique to your advantage

This technique is very effective but very rare to come by. All you need is a domain that has expired but is still highly relevant. When you find it, carry out 301 redirecting of the domain to your site. This will give you a heavy traffic flow to your website and thus grow it and expose it further. According to MOZ article, 301 redirect may have a significant impact on your link equity. So do take not of the downside, try to avoid if possible.

10.    Take some time to focus on interviews

Interviews are becoming a very vital tool in building backlinks. When your website has become big and is dominating in a particular niche, you will be getting many invitations to be interviewed. But before you get to that point, you should seek interviews from websites that offer them. You have to ensure you have relevant information to provide to the interviewer. The more you participate in interviews, the more you will get external links to your website.


All these are simple ways and fast ways of building backlinks. Therefore, you can practice them, and you will get the desired results. Yes, it can be a little bit challenging when it comes to building backlinks but even so, if you put in a lot of effort and explore these methods, then your results will be notable. Take every opportunity you have and turn it to your advantage.

If you do not have time for such, simply check out a digital agency like Novatise who can help you in building better links for your SEO campaign at an affordable pricing. Check out their services HERE.

How to Design and Launch the BEST LANDING PAGE

building landing page

Doing business online is not easy. It seems that all e-commerce platforms are a success overnight but this is not the case. Especially when you want your traffic to get converted into loyal customers. So if you are new to the online world or have tried your hands but not getting enough response, we are here to guide you about your Landing Page. Read on.

To have a perfect landing page for your website, we bring to you 6 step simple process which would help you in getting quality leads and converting them into customer just in 10 minutes. Yes, you hear it right in only 10 MINUTES. So let us understand each step of this process.

1) Tools
It is not easy to materialize a landing page thinking it to be a cake walk, Although you would want to it to be easy. You can build one with the help of 3 such tools:-
SumoMe:- A perfect tool for your landing page, SumoMe is a set of free tools which would work for your website. To make things easy and better try their Welcome Mat feature as your template for the landing page which is free.
Dropbox:- The tool is not mandatory but keeping your visitors in mind who choose your landing page over others, it will be good to offer PDF checklists, Ebooks etc to them which can be downloaded via Dropbox.
Email Service Provider:- To engage more traffic and keep a track record of all, you would require email ids and managing them would not be easy. There are several Email service providers like ConvertKit which manages your email ids and make your work easier.

2) The Offer
The next step is the Offer which the subscriber to your page will get. So make sure you provide such an offer which would be loved by the visitors or else you won’t be having a chance to succeed. Also if you have done everything right but offer such thing which is irrelevant to customers or your audience would not want them, then it is of no use. They would not end up signing with you. So ask a question to practically understand the situation:

What is the issue or problem that your target audience might be facing?
If you crack the answer to this problem and create an offer upon it then you are sorted. Make sure the offer pertains to the need of the customer and is relevant. If it is done right, they would not mind in signing up and providing you the email ids.

landing page

3) The Headline
While reading any website content or article, you first go through its Headline, If the headline is catchy enough you would read on to content or else not. So headlines are very much important to convey your audiences. The headlines should grab audience attention but should be equally relevant. Headlines not related to your reader would not be a great deal for your landing page. Audiences are very specific and they look for numbers. Yes, they are interested in what are they offered? What would be the benefit? And what would be the outcome of it?

4) The Sub Headline
Headlines are short and crisp but it is sub headlines which play a key role in making the reader read the content below. It should be appealing and irresistible. Here are some of the tips to draft your perfect sub-headlines:-
· Have a Clear call to action in your sub-headline.
· Let them know what would they be getting from it and when.
· Showcase the benefits of it.
· Elaborate the details you missed to explain in the headline.
Letting reader know what exactly you are providing is most important. Do not feel obliged or hesitate to include what you are offering. Letting the reader know what they would be getting and benefiting out of the landing page would do the work.

5) Design, Color Scheme, and Layout
Deciding a Theme for your landing page is pivotal. Put on your creative hats and shine out the creativity from within. Using tools like SumoMe’s Welcome Mat will let you have dozens of templates, colors, and layout which will match your viewer’s needs. Include images, play with your strengths and build a design which attracts visitors. Ensure you highlight your Pop up button so that whenever someone is looking at the landing page, they can easily click on that button and visit the page.

6) The Call to Action
Colors do play a big role and the button which we talked about in the 5th stage is important to bring customers to your page. It is said that over 60% of the decisions made by the customers are based on the color itself. So do make that button Popup. Now, what should be written (text) on that button which customers would be forced to click? Imagine if you have a beauty blog, what would you click on to as a customer, “Subscribe” or “Get beauty Secrets Today”. The choice is obvious.
Here we present you some tips of writing the Text of that button.
· Words like “Free” and “Instant” are meant to be clicked by the customers as Human psychology is more inclined to such offers.
· Have the context keeping in mind the visitor. Having text as “Get MY Report” instead of “Get YOUR Report” works as a viewer would like to have his/her report and not somebody’s else’.
· Personalise your brand and throw away some words or phrases matching your brand or relates to your audience. It will surely work.

Bottom line
Follow these 6 simple and easy steps and you would end up having a perfect landing page for your website. You can see the results with a page having a conversion from visitors to subscribers and subscribers to loyal customers. Even after following all these steps and designing the best landing page, you fail to try A/B test. It is best to know from the audience via A/B test and helps in continuous optimisation.

If you do not have the time to DIY, approach Website Design company like Novatise to get the job done in the most effective manner for you.


Introduction to Gazda Group Blog

welcome to gazdagroup

We are a group of Professional digital marketers embarking on a journey to educate, inform and make noise about the NEW DIGITAL ERA.

We are basically make up of entrepreneur, digital marketer, finance guru and a engineer.

Our group of Fantastic 4 loves to blog anything about business sense. We are in relentlessly in touch with many of our friends, business partners and families who are exposed to such a world of digital content, digital advertisement, digital payment, digital commerce and digital health.

Our world is no longer the world it used to be. Our world is packed with BIG time servers, hosting BIG DATA, hosting all your information and diagnosed by Artificial Intelligence.

We are in the evolving Digital world dominated by Alibaba, Facebook, Google and Wechat.

So all readers, kindly seat tight and enjoy the ride.